About Us

About Us

In-person conversations with interesting people are the holy grail of travel. They are what take your experience from enjoyable to life-changing. Two people with shared interests meeting eye to eye in the same room and forming real relationships. This is where the magic in life happens.

Our aim is to build a tool that creates this value for every person using it in a fast, simple way that they can use in their own town, but especially when they're on the road or traveling the world (more on that here).

We are creating a place where members of the same communities can find each other.

You can rally around any number of causes, ideas, or organizations and find others who share that passion. Whether it's startups, microfinance, photography, Kiva, social entrepreneurship, Apple, or any of a thousand other topics, we believe great conversations occur when you meet others in your community.


Nothing happens in life without great relationships. And great relationships start as connections, and turn into real trusted & valuable relationships only after in person time is added to the mix. Networking, and finding those right relationships, is a horribly inefficient process - particularly when travel is thrown into the equation. We see a better way.

Behind The Scenes

For more information on the technology, places, and communities that have helped us build Oh Hey World, check out our colophon.


Oh Hey World uses the Icomoon icon library by Keyamoon under the Creative Commons License.

Special thanks to Ruby Brayman, Casey Hynes, and Will Moyer for the use of their photos. If you'd like to have your photo featured on Oh Hey World, tweet us and let us know!