Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

The Oh Hey World community is a friendly place and we think it’s best if we lay out a few of our fundamental principles, the guidelines we think make this community a fun place to spend time. For starters, OHW members should give a damn -- and by that we mean everyone in our community shares a desire to better understand the global community, and beyond that, to help others and leave each physical community (and this virtual one) better than they found it.

Want more? Here are a few of the dos and don'ts:

Do (aka Good)

Give a damn

Encourage others

Be helpful

Stay relevant

Be your true self

Think Golden Rule

Report inappropriate behavior & content

Don't (aka Bad)

Waste people’s time


Put people down - debate ideas, not people

Share misinformation

Post copyrighted material

Bottom Line

The bottomline here: don’t suck. And aim to create less suckitude in the world. Follow those two guiding principles and we should get along just fine!

PS No sleeping while browsing.

- The Oh Hey World team